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About – Co-creative Social Dance Blog


My name is Brigitte Aucoin, I am a dancer, dance teacher, dance studio owner, writer and thinker who likes to think outside the box. I started dancing 14 years ago with Salsa and have danced and trained in many dances, especially freestyle social dances over the years, my passion at the moment is Kizomba/Urban Kiz. I have been learning and exploring through this dance over the last 5 years.

I created this page and blog for like minded people who are also interested in exploring alternatives in Social dance, I decided to call this project/exploration Co-creative Social Dance.

Co-creative Social Dance is an exploration of alternatives thoughts, concepts and steps in Social dance. I respect and love social dancing, but also think that it can grow and new possibilities can be explored. This project stemmed from my own interests, frustrations and thoughts. It has also gone through quite a few different phases as I learned myself through exploring.

At first I took a very all or nothing approach, exploring things like, what would happen if both partners would dance with no role distinctions and everyone would learn both roles. Could we find a way to dance together and switch roles or co-create? Although I found this works well and is lots of fun, it’s a bit extreme for the average dancer and required a lot of skills to put in practice.

Then, I thought about how really what I am interested in is people listening more to each other, sharing more, connecting more, having more fun together and having co-creative moments that inspire each other when dancing together. I have realized that this can be done in any type of partnership, including the traditional lead/follow. These ideas don’t even require to change any of the moves or techniques you know, just your attitude towards the dance. So, after a break from this blog, I am back to write about co-creativity in all it’s uses. As I have been concentrating my efforts more with Kizomba, the blog will be more about Kizomba, but many of the concepts can be applied to other dances. I am always looking for more balance my life, in myself, as well as on the dance floor. My favorite dances, both as a lead or follow or without role distinctions are always when there is a true exchange and sharing. When both partners are adding to the dance, are inspiring each other and creating something together.

This Blog is to document my thought and findings along the way on dance and life