Co-creative Social Dancing Project: Exploring & creating alternatives, while respecting the past

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Why should I be interested in switch or co-creative dance classes?

I am so excited to be offering Switch Intensive I Co-creative Prep and Co-creative basics classes for the first time this winter, as well as hosting the first monthly co-creative[…]

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What is Co-creative Dance?

“What is Co-creative Dance?” Is the main question that I get when people see the name, which is completely understandable, since it is a new concept that I started exploring[…]

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First Co-Creative Social Dance Explorative Workshop Recap!

Since deciding to venture past the confines of traditional social dance etiquette and experiment with gender roles, switching roles and blurring the lines between leading and following I have truly[…]

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Co-creative Dance
fun thought provoking movement building community through connections

Co-creative Social Dance is an exploration of alternatives in Social dance. We respect and love for social dance, but also think that it can grow and possibilities be explored. We are interested to explore what would happen if both partners would dance with no lead and follow distinction and knowing both roles. Could we find a way to dance together and switch roles or co-create? And very importantly, how would we dance this way at as high a level as a normal lead/follow dance.
We believe that we all have within us what are consitered masculine and feminine energies/traits and dancing one role highlights either the feminine (follow) or masculine (lead) traits. We are looking for more balance our lives, in ourselves, as well as on the dance floor, we believe it would be amazing to dance with a partner both striving for balance and comfortable with both roles. Our current exploration have resulted in strenghtening our beliefs that this is not only possible but is so much fun!

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We are based out of Happy Soul Dance Studios at 3089 Oxford st, Halifax (Door on side of the building on Bayers rd) We offer classes, workshops and organize social events.,, 902-471-6154